Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Introduction Post

Shimmering Red and Gold Holiday Wreath
Greetings! Let's kick off this blog with a basic introduction. My name is Liz and I'm the youngest member of Squirrel Creek Creations. Squirrel Creek Creations, or SCC was created by my family members last year as a way to share our various artistic talents with the world. We're all creative in different ways (and I mean everyone, you too) and to stifle that part of us is to deny a very important part of who we are. So after many creative years, we've decided to create SCC and to start selling on Etsy, as well as at various  local Art/Craft fairs. So far, SCC has mainly featured the Holiday and festive wreaths created by my mom and I. As the weather gets nicer, we'll start adding woodworking to the mix. After we find a decent local printer, Photo prints, illustrations, and paintings will be added as well.

I'll try to keep these brief, and in the future, have the other various members of SCC blog their thoughts as well. You can also follow our Wreath of the Day on our Twitter account. @SquirrelsCreek

We'll have contests, works in progress, coupons, Sale notifications, lots of pictures, and much much more! Not to mention features of some of our favorite fellow Etsy members, so check back often because you'll never know what nutty business we'll be up to next.

Be Creative Today!
~Liz (Wreaths, Photography, Illustrations)

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