Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feature of the Day #49: Flower Art Painting

Original Modern Abstract Large Abstract  Painting 24x48 - Textured Impasto Flower Tree Painting by Helen
Heart Seasons
Continuing with this week's Mother's Day gift ideas theme, today's features goes to Flower Art Painting, aka, Helen, and her original paintings.
Helen is a full time artist who was born in Europe and is currently working in Canada. Her paintings can be found in an impressive array of private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Her art has also been used by home staging professionals, designers, art consultants, galleries and boutique shops. Though she has dabbled in many mediums, she is always drawn back to painting.
Helen's paintings are created with the best quality oil and acrylic paints. A thickly loaded canvas gives some of her paintings an almost 3 dimensional quality. For example, in Heart Sesasons and Heart Seasons Close-Up (above and right), the leaves and flowers from the tree have been placed on with a heavily loaded paintbrush. This allows the paint to stand out metaphorically and literally. It's a very bold and time-tested way to paint. The colors of the piece itself are as stunning as if a rainbow had caught on fire. The brilliant yellow and hint of white in the middle draw the eye in, while the gentle blue on the right ripples the viewer's focus back into the painting, and the red on the left forces it back in.
Original Modern Abstract Large Abstract  Painting 24x48 - Textured Impasto Flower Tree Painting by Helen
Heart Seasons Close-Up
There are blues in the red to avoid the warm colors from becoming overpowering. On the other side, the blue is spattered with hints of red and pink to contrast and enhance the cool colors. All the while, the thick and strong black lines of the tree cuts through the colors like a knife. The only colors that are placed on top are the brilliant lime green of the leaves, the warm colors of the berries, and the pure white of the flowers. All together, it creates a strong image that's a treat for the eye in many ways. The painting itself is 24"x48"x1" and made of four panels of 24"x12", and unlike most artists, Helen is selling her originals, not prints.
Free Shipping - Original Modern Abstract Flowers Large Painting 48x24 by Helen
Abstract Flowers
Another one of Helen's paintings that's gripping not only visually but emotionally is her painting, Abstract Flowers (right). The title implies that the painting is of flowers, perhaps purple irises, yet when I first viewed this piece I was given the overwhelming impression of birds in flight. The movement of a purple flock and dozens of fluttering wings, all contrasted against a yellow and brown background reminiscent of sunset over a field of wheat. The curve of the flower/birds pulls the eye from the top left corner down under the golden light, then back up to the right corner. It's a fluid movement as quick as the dazzlingly coordinated efforts of a flock of small birds. Helen utilizes thick paint once more, but it doesn't make the image feel weighed down. Instead, it gives a more lifelike sensation that changes it from just a painting to something special.
If you want a beautiful and eye-catching one-of-a-kind original painting, look no further than Flower Art Painting. A wonderful gift for Mother's Day, or any day!
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Original Modern Abstract Forest Large Impasto Painting 48x24 by Helen

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