Friday, February 6, 2015

Glasses Modification Tutorial - Wear glasses with your mask!

Do you wear glasses?
Do you like masks?
Do you like to see with your mask on?

Then you're in the right place!

Hi everyone, this is Kym and I have a quick tutorial for you today on how to modify a mask to be worn with glasses. This works on many leather masks that we make, and we offer it for free when we're at shows. Since each mask, glasses, and face combo is unique, it's hard for us to do without you and your glasses!

If you have some simple supplies and about 30 minutes, you can do it yourself at home!

A few things before we start:

1. If you're not a responsible adult, find one before using sharp things!
2. Know where your blade is going when it slips. "But I won't slip, Kym! I'm steady as a rock!" It will slip, trust me. I've got the scars. Watch where you're cutting.
3. Cut on a safe, well lit surface.
4. Use a sharp blade.
5. Plan before you cut.
6. For the love of squirrels, don't cut anything while it's near your face!

Okay? Okay!

First you'll need a few things, as shown in my picture. I'll cover optional supplies at the end of the post, and some caveats.

Find a safe cutting surface, like a self healing mat. You'll also need a permanent marker in a color similar to your mask. If you can't find one that's close, a black marker or paint will work. Get your glasses and mask ready too. I suggest removing the ribbon or cord so you don't accidentally cut it.

Once you have everything ready, it's time to start!
Place the glasses, with arms closed, on the nose of your mask.

Check out how they line up with the eyes and the nose. You want them to be at a similar place to how you would wear them normally. Keep in mind, they will be a bit further away from your eyes than normal, so things will look slightly different.

Now it's time to use your imagination! Pretend the arm of your glasses is there, and look for where it would touch your mask. Make a small box, just a bit bigger than the arm of your glasses.

If you want to use a color close to your mask, go ahead! I used the permanent marker for visibility. I've done enough of these mods that I normally don't make a mark anymore, but I really recommend it for your first few.

Carefully cut out the box. You might need to press your mask flat for this. Be gentle, and test it's flexibility first.

Now do the other side to match. Try to keep them aligned with each other and the eyes. Start smaller, and you can make the holes bigger later.

Put your glasses in the holes, then put the mask on your face. You'll use the ribbon last to secure it in place. Check the fit, and see if the glasses are in a comfortable spot. Adjust the holes if you need to, a little bit at a time. You can always trim away more!

Side view. See how they fit over the ears and sit on the nose? Perfect!

Now grab that marker, and touch up the inside of the cut. This step isn't nessecary, but looks nicer. Especially if your mask is a significantly different tone than the natural leather! You can use a bit of sealer or paint if you want too. If you bought your mask from Squirrel Creek, just message us for the color details of the paint on your mask.

That's about it!

See how easy that is?

A few notes before I turn you loose. Not all masks are suitable for this modification. Some are very rigid, depending on how hard set it is. Sometimes decorations are in the way, and it would be hard to cut around them.

On a happier note, many smaller masks don't need this process! The domino masks I make are small enough to fit under your glasses, as are some of the masquerade masks.

It's best to leave your mask intact if it's possible, but seeing is important. Can you imagine the zombie panic at a convention from too many people shambling around because they can't see?

Hope this is helpful! Please message me or leave a comment if you want some more help on this.


- Kym