Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Items and New Crafters!


We at Squirrel Creek Creations have been working hard to prepare for our upcoming show, ACEN, May 17-19th in Chicago, Ill. It will be, by far, our largest show and we've been crafting like mad to try to have enough product for all the amazing people who will be there! Recently, two more family members joined in our mission to create high-quality, fun and one-of-a-kind products! We're very excited for the unique talents that Kym and Lance bring to the company and can't wait to show their prodcuts!
Kym has been focusing on masks thus far, and has a very creative and stylized look to her work. She's been entranced by Asian culture and has transferred that into her work.  Her Black Moth is currently available in our Etsy store here: Black Moth
Jolly Roger Eyepatch
Also joining in on the crafting madness, is Lance, Kym's husband. So far, he's been creating a line of leather eye patches that are perfect for any pirate or steampunk cosplay. He's calling his creations: Skully Swag, and we can't wait to unveil them at Anime Central! Here's one of his eye patches currently in our Etsy store here: Golden Eyepatch 
See you at ACEN!

Be creative today!
~Squirrel Creek Creations, LLC

Black Moth
Black Moth

White Kymbooki
White Stylized
Death Kanji Eyepatch

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