Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Arrival of Pauldrons

Valkyrie inspired pauldron
Today's post is about some of our newest additions to the Squirrel Creek catalog: pauldrons! Pauldrons are shoulder armor in a variety of shapes and sizes. The two featured here are highly influenced by fantasy elements. The first one is based on Valkyries (with the wings), and Chinese scroll work with the swirling patterns carved into the leather.
The second is based on dragon scales with contrasting blue markings to really make the design pop!
Close-up of the lower strap
Each pauldron is fitted for both left and right shoulders, with the main strap crossing under the opposite arm. A smaller strap is on the bottom-most panel on each pauldron that doesn't have to be tightened, but helps keep the panels from flopping around too much.

 These are just the first two items in a new series of fantasy armor from Squirrel Creek! Other items on the dream list include: helmets, greaves, breastplates, swords, shields and who knows what else might pop up! They can be used for theater productions, cosplaying, Halloween costumes, LARP armor, and more! As always, we take commissions, so if there's a certain piece you have in mind, feel free to contact us over on Etsy anytime, and one of our crafters will be in touch with you asap!
Have a squirrelarific day!
"Dragon Scale" Side-view
Swirling side-panels
Fight in comfort and style!
"Dragon Scale" Pauldron

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