Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up

It's been a chilly weekend here in Wisconsin, even if it was sunny.  It's gone from fall to winter in just a few weeks.  Early October was so nice and warm!  Looks like winter is coming... early.

With the last week of October underway, we've finally been able to have a little time to recover from the super busy Halloween season.  Thank you everyone for your orders!  I hope they made your Halloween festivities extra special.  We love seeing our hard work go to people who will appreciate it.

During my last post, I mentioned being in D.C. for a wedding.  The very next weekend, another cousin had a wedding in Detroit!  I was unable to attend, but Liz and Lynn were there.  It was a masquerade themed wedding, so they brought a few masks along for people to wear.  It looks like they were a huge hit!

Liz made herself a lovely gem stone covered mask.  It's up for grabs in our etsy store!

While they were having fun with family in Michigan, Lance and I watched the Etsy store, and made many post office trips!  I'm glad we were able to offer overnight shipping, since we did have a few last minute requests come in.  Foxes were very popular this year, I'm sure in part because of the Ylvis video.  I'm sure some people are getting sick of it by now, but I'm still very entertained!  

When I work, I always have to have music on.  I have a few carefully crafted playlists that I like, from the serious to playful.  The Fox has made it onto my silly songs list, it's so catchy!

Speaking of silly songs and work, I recently made a custom ordered Badger mask with a great back story!  It was fun getting to know the person who ordered it and to help them build the perfect gift with a good tale to tell.  For me, it's important to know where things come from.  That's part of why I like to support local artists and buy hand made things when I can.  

I know it can cost more, and times are tight all around.  That's why we appreciate your support so much!  Liz is doing leather work full time now, and I'm glad to see her doing something she loves instead of a boring office job.  I'm sure you can all agree, having her doing anything else would be a waste of talent!

One of the things we were thrilled to do this month was our give away.  I spent some time learning how to internet and set up a facebook app to run our contest.  I'm not a true social media manager or marketing person, but I'm learning to play one!  With a small, family run business, everyone learns to do a few roles that take us out of our comfort zone.  I love learning new skills, but it can get a bit overwhelming.  It's tricky to find the right balance of time spent on my craft vs. on my computer.  

I think that's all I've got for you tonight!  Thank you for reading, for ordering masks, and for following us on Facebook!  

- Kym Lewis

P.S.  I'm looking for a fun gift we can give away for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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