Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feature of the Day #25: Ellixbean

Today's feature goes to Ellixbean, AKA, Elli Adams and her wonderful illustrations. 
Adams is a freelance designer and illustrator from Portland. Having spent the last few years working for the music and apparel industries, she's now aiming for a new direction of storybook illustration. As she says, "It is time my imagination breaks free." Adams has been in several art shows since 2008 such as, 'Art Show' Group art show at 'The Lily Pad", and her solo show at 'The Know' in Portland. She has also received the X Mortis Design Contest first place award at 'TT the Bears Place'.   
Original Wasp Illustration Prints 9x12"
Original Wasp Illustration
Adams doesn't have lengthy descriptions about herself or her art, but what she does have to say sums it up pretty well: "I like to draw. A lot." We all have a spirit of creativity in us, it just shows itself in different ways from person to person. Painting, singing, dancing, engineering, graphic design, cooking; it's all the same when boiled down to the essentials. When we keep that part of ourselves bottled up, or let it be smothered by the world, we deny part of who we are. You can find it time and again, that depression and an overwhelming feeling of lack of purpose are the most common results. 
Sea Dragon Illustration Full Color Print 11x14
Sea Dragon
Adams seems to be one who has had the blessing of being able to release her creativity, and share her vision with others. She has the capabilities both technically and artistically to bring her subjects to life; from just a piece of paper to a release of her artistic spirit. There is joy in her works that have been created not for profit, but for the sake of memories such as her Sea Dragon painting. Adams painted it to commemorate the  the trip she and her little cousin took to the New England Aquarium. Pure motive, pure illustration, vivid and wonderful. To achieve this, Adams uses colored pencil, acrylics, and water colors. Make sure to stop by her shop today and check out the complete collection, including illustrations of birds, insects, seahorses, and more!
Check out her online portfolio here: http://ellistef.daportfolio.com 
See her complete shop on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ellixbean
Be Creative today!
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Vintage Tattoo Style Showgirl Prints 8x10 inch
Vintage Tattoo Style Showgirl

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