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Feature of the Day #38: Simply Natural Photos

Wildlife Photography -Birds in Flight - Snowy Egret - Bird art
Touch Down
Today's features goes to Simply Natural Photos, AKA, Chris Hudson and his sublime nature photography.
Hudson is a professional photographer from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He loves nature and photography, and this devotion shows clearly in every one of his stunning images. Hudson has a passion for shooting the local wildlife, as well as forms of nature he observes on his travels. He can be found exploring the local beaches of Maryland and Virginia, on the hunt for shorebirds and other plants and animals he finds on the journey. Images from Alaska and other parts of the United States are also captured through his lens; sharing the beautiful and magnificent creatures with all.
Hudson's images are the result of years of, "trudging through marsh, laying in sand, and being devoured by bugs." Yet this act of sacrifice and toil is something he takes in stride, saying, "The only thing I love more then this is sharing my work with you." The pure words of a photographer who is in love with his art form and the subjects who inhabit it.
16x24 Fine art print...Angel on the Beach
Angel on the Beach
While Hudson has captured a wide variety of wildlife, his lens seems to be particularly drawn to those with wings. He has a special talent for capturing birds at their most majestic and regal moments. From flight, to dramatic landings, resting peacefully to graceful stretching, Hudson captures it all. Yet it's one thing to capture a moment, and another to keep the life of the moment intact. His images carry soul and memory, transporting the viewer to far off dunes, ocean air, and the flutter of wings.
One of Hudson's most stunning photos is Angel on the Beach (left). It may just be an image of an egret taking the time to preen itself, but it stands as a captured moment in time and a placeholder for a memory. Compositionaly, the strong verticals from the bottom leg, up through the beck and neck make the image powerful, while the soft flow of feathers caught in the breeze make it gentle. There is hardly any color besides the beak and hints of blues, greens and browns faded into the background. It's a wonderful juxtaposition of a powerful shorebird, against the cool colors of the beach.
Chincoteague ponies. 20x30 Fine art print.
Chincoteague Ponies
Hudson's dedication to capturing nothing but the best is admirable. If he were just a man with a camera, his images would bear the evidence of the disruption of nature. The backsides of birds, the wary look, the attention of the herd. Instead, the creatures in his images exist undisturbed, peacefully going about their lives. Instead of charging onto a beach with the hope of capturing the one in a million shot, he waits for it to happen; letting the moment unfurl as it was meant to. It's reminiscent of the phrase, "Take only memories, leave only footprints." Hudson has taken countless memories from the places he's visited, and  it is his simple wish to share them with you.
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Osprey and fish,  8x10 fine art matted and signed print.
Osprey and Fish

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