Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feature of the Day #31: StephsShoes

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Today's feature of the day goes to StephsShoes, AKA, Stephanie McDowell and her stunning photography.
To start off, it's important to touch on the fact that the world of photography is immense. Every day, approximately 200 million photos are added to Facebook. Nearly 6 billion a month. A number that large is almost impossible to comprehend. And of those billion, how can one possibly find photos that are worthy of being shared? To experience and be a part of? For every amazing and captivating photograph, there are thousands of uninspired snapshots that are taken in a passing moment and manage to capture nothing. 
Yet even with countless photographs being snapped every second, and a virtually unending sea of images to wade through, there are still those who take the time to capture something extraordinary. McDowell is one of these people.
It Ain't Easy Being Green
Inspired by nature, McDowell is, "driven by a deep love and respect for the natural world." She captures not only the scenes and the wildlife of New England, but seems to captures part of its soul as well. Through her photography, McDowell hopes to share the wonder of nature the viewer.
There are several factors that separate McDowell's images from snapshots. For example, her photography doesn't feel as though she just happened to be in the right place at the right time, but arrived at the right place and waited for the right time to occur. Her work demonstrates the patience present in the most persistent of photographers. True it is possible to snap an amazing shot on a whim, but the odds are against. In image after breathtaking image, McDowell shows the benefits of the right time and moment and how they work together to make something special and unforgettable.
McDowell's photography also separates itself by capturing the small moments. A perfect example of this is found in It Ain't Easy Being Green (shown above left). A small frog sits among the duckweed, quietly observing its surroundings, perhaps looking for its next meal. To many, this nearly perfectly camouflaged amphibian would have gone unnoticed, or uncared for. Yet this moment was discovered by McDowell's lens, and captured forever. A love letter to nature with no words.
Nose Licking Good
From vibrant and stunning colors, to rich and deep black and white, McDowell offers a wide variety of captured moments to enjoy. With over 150 gorgeous photographs in her store, I have never had such a hard time picking out just a few images to share. You can find her store here: Shoes
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  1. I am completely humbled, thank you so much for your kindness and deep understanding of my work. All the best to you.