Monday, April 9, 2012

Feature of the Day #29: MusicTeachah

Good Karma Purple Batik Fabric Bracelet
Batik Fabric Bracelets
Today's feature goes to Music Teachah, AKA, Maia Wirth and her creative "Upcycling" projects.
By day, Wirth is a music teacher. By night, a dance teacher. And in any moment she can find in between, an artist and creator. She is, "on an endless journey to find, cultivate, share, and spread compassion and peace."
Wirth got her store name through a nickname received by a kindergarten student who couldn't remember her name. Any time he needed her, he would shout, "Hey! Music Teachah! Excuse me. Music Teachah, ma'am!" Her co-workers picked up on it, and it spread from there. Since teaching is so essential to Wirth, she wanted to link her design business to it through this silly nickname.
Wirth has been creating mixed-media collages for as long as she can remember. She loves how, "disconnected pieces of color, design, and texture can come together to create a beautiful 'whole.'" Wirth sees people in a similar light, as a, "collection of different, widely varying parts, emotions, experiences, beliefs, and intricacies all glued together to create our own uniquely amazing soul." I can't think of a more beautiful artistic vision than this.
Tree of LIfe Collage Applique Organic Cotton Hoodie - Size Small
Tree of Life
In 2010, Wirth moved her creative attention from papers to fabric. This was an exciting shift, as it meant creating something that people not only appreciate, but can wear as well. This is what Wirth says about her creations:
I look at my designs as a unique way to represent our own individuality and complexity. I want you to feel inspired when you wear my designs. I want you to feel the love that is hand-stitched into them. And I want you to feel confident, radiant, extraordinary, and beautiful, because you are!
Wirth not only talks of wanting to spread love and compassion, but follows through by donating 10% or more of every sale to community-based non-profit organizations.
XO Hugs and Kisses Funky Arm Warmers Fingerless Gloves
Hugs and Kisses Funky Arm Warmers
Her creations are also environmentally friendly in that she practices the art of "Upcycling." Upcycling is, "the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value." It is the opposite of downcyling, which is, "the other half of the recycling process. Downcycling involves converting materials from a product and creating a different product or material." However, this process usually results in a "hybrid" with less value and structural integrity. A great example of the benefits of upcycling can be found in Wirth's Hugs and Kisses Funky Arm Warmers, which started life as a pair of socks. They were then transformed by hand-stitching cotton batik fabric strip and the beautiful colors Wirth employs.
Through use of vibrant colors, mix-and-match fabric, creative patterns, and the overwhelming driving force of love that Wirth pours into every piece, she has created something special to be proudly worn around; like a badge of honor. It's like she says, "When you wear a Music Teachah Design, you wear LOVE!"
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