Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature of the Day #36: Sandpiper Art

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Landscape Painting
Today's feature goes to Sandpiper Art, AKA, Vickie and her gorgeous photography and paintings.
Vickie has been an artist since she was a child, with a love for painting and drawing. However, art was placed on the back burner while she raised her two sons, until 5 years ago when she picked it up again. As she describes, her shop is, "my love for travel combined with a few of my favorite things."
Her art is inspired by the ocean, the mountains, sunrises/sunsets, as well as the clouds in the sky. Through her art, Vickie hopes to share her love of nature and the simple things in life. She loves to just be a part of nature, and to just be. She can have fun doing absolutely nothing, or just sitting or taking a walk in the world she loves so much.
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Western Landscape
Her love for nature shines through in all of her work. She captures rolling landscapes and gentle moments in time with a soft hand and keen eye. Her photography feels rural and untamed. Yet there is almost always a human element within. It demonstrates the co-existence between humanity and nature. For example, Surreal Woodland Landscape (below) is a haunting homage to the winding back roads. The black top may cut through the forest, but the forest will not be denied. The looming trees stretch over the road, as though slowly forming a cage in which to capture unwary travelers. The fog seeping through the branches seems to aid this haunting landscape; as though assisting the trees and their net. The road currently stands alone, waiting to assist its next traveler. It is keeping the trees at bay. For now.
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Ocean Landscape Painting
Vickie's paintings are strong yet wispy, capturing the best nature has to offer. Moving from the canvas, she also paints on ornaments and rocking chairs. It's a beautiful way to enhance not only an object's worth visually, but changes it from a chair to an heirloom. In Ocean Landscape Painting (right), Vickie captures a sunset/sunrise beautifully with beach grass silhouetted in the foreground. There almost seems to be a breeze moving gently through the painting, rustling the grass. Perhaps the sound of a wave in the distance, and a crisp breath of ocean air. For anyone who has been on a beach at sunrise/sunset, they can relate to the moment and reminisce in its soothing memories.
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 Surreal Woodland Landscape

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