Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feature of the Day #42: My Little Pixles

Fine art photography - dandelion nature photography 5x5 - blue green teal spring macro print -  "Delicate" clickety
Today's feature goes to My Little Pixels, aka, Anna Jane and her soft and beautiful photography.
Anna's life changed the day she received her DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera). As she says, "suddenly, ordinary things became potential photo-ops and the beauty in the everyday jumped out at me and commanded my attention. It was like putting on a pair of reading glasses; everything suddenly became much clearer." Through her lens, Anna captures small but unbelievably beautiful moments; from ice to rain drops, cupcakes to dandelions, and many subjects in between.
There is a quiet and delicate atmosphere in every one of her images. As though the air itself has been captured to complete the moment. Her images are as still and soft as dawn, and the lighting just as soothing. 
Fine art photography print 5x5 - Peace Offering  - botanical print rain drop photo purple photograph - clickety
Peace Offering
In her image, Peace Offering (left), two rain drops rest delicately upon a plant's outstretched finger. There is a sense of poise in the balancing act the two are engaging in. At any moment the droplet could slide off and continue its journey to the earth; but for now it remains in the plant's embrace. It creates a still and gentle moment, resting between the potential of the moment and the silence of it. 
Anna uses point of focus rather poignantly as a way to draw the eye to that which is important. For example, in her image Isolation (below), the image is blurred around the edges and into the middle until it reaches the water droplet. Contained within the water is a stunning magnification of the feather's ridges and lines. The distortion caused by the water pulls the middle of the feather, known as the rachis, in an upward curve. The eye's path is drawn to it and becomes trapped within the bead of water. The curve leading to the edge of the water, then circling right back in. A gentle world of pink and whites, focus and clarity, all seen through the eye of Anna's lens and captured to share with everyone. 
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