Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feature of the Day #45: Brittany Rose Photography

Sit and Watch the Stars Pass Us By, Star Trails over Highway, Fine Art Photographic Print - 8x12
Sit and Watch the Stars Pass Us By
Today's feature goes to Brittany Wehrle, and her dynamic photography.
Wehrle is an artist of many mediums including photography, painting, drawing, and other arts. This feature will focus on her photography. Wehrle has traveled to Alabama, Arizona, Florida, New York, Chicago, Louisiana, and California to capture the images in her store. The goal of Brittany Rose Photography, is to "provide clean-cut, professional, travel photography...We capture the beauty of the world and transform them into high quality photos for personal and office use." Her favorite moments to capture occur at night with a slow shutter, such as in Sit and Watch the Stars Pass Us By (above).
Chicago Burning with Lights, Fine Art Photographic Print - 8x12
Chicago Burning with Lights
In this image, Wehrle used a two hour exposure to capture the night sky. The result is the evidence of the Earth rotating on its axis with the North Star grounded firmly in the middle of the swirl of stars. At the bottom of the image, you can see the blur of car headlights, like a comet blazing through the trees. The intensity of their light carry the power of a flame, cutting through the forest. Each driver unaware of their role in the collective effort to create torch of light under the spinning stars. The colors vary from intense to soft and the void of night. The beam of headlights would be overpowering in their sharp path if not for the hint of circles created by the stars. The strong line is tamed into submission, and works with the rest of the image to form a beautiful composition.
Petrified Forest's Red Rock Mountains Covered in Snow in Arizona, Fine Art Photographic Print - 8x12
Petrified Forest
Another of Wehrle's images that carries the feel of night fire is Chicago Burning with Lights (above left). Though the city isn't actually on fire, the lights carry the same quality as flame as they cut through the black. It carries the feel of humanity's tenuous connection with fire; a necessity with a devastating bite. There are few other major cities that have been so devastated by fire in the past than Chicago. Yet after the great Chicago fire they were able to rebuild the city with steel; a foe only the most potent of flames can tackle. The small lights in comparison to the looming skyscrapers seem tamed yet still important to the city's existence. It's as though the lights are flames licking at the feet of the buildings, unable to overcome the steel monsters, but a constant presence.
Whether it's dynamic contrasts, jaw-dropping colors, or dramatic angles, each photo demands to be seen. As Wehrle describes, "every photo is enhanced to draw the viewer in." Take some time to look through Wehrle's Etsy store to see many more examples of eye-catching photography that dazzles the mind.

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Upside Down Forest, Fine Art Photographic Print - 8x12
Upside Down Forest


  1. Incredible photography and great feature!

    1. Her photography is so gripping, I couldn't pass it up! Thanks for the comment!