Friday, May 18, 2012

Feature of the Day #55: Hughes Pottery

Teapot ceramic serving tea, hostess entertaining, glazed in caramel brown blue cream, handmade by hughes pottery
Ceramic Teapot
Today's features goes to Hughes Pottery, aka, Charles and Rowan Hughes and their wonderful pottery.
Charles and Rowan met 13 years ago while selling their individual art forms; he, a potter and she a stained glass artist. They quickly became friends, and over the years a, "long and strange romance ensued" which resulted in their marriage in the summer of 2008. Charles taught Rowan the "way of the clay" and they've been, "happily covered in mud together ever since."
The Hughes' main focus is on creating functional stoneware pottery. Every piece is handmade without the use of molds or forms. As they say, "we don't make the kind of art that you put behind glass and never touch; we want our work to get covered in oatmeal, filled with your favorite wine and used to serve your grandmother's famous sage and cornbread stuffing." Why do they do it? Here's their wonderful response:
Wine goblet ceramic, oak leaf acorn chalice, wedding toasting set, caramel brown and green, handmade by hughes pottery
Wine Goblet
We honestly love what we do, and are blessed to be able to make a living doing what we love. And our business isn't just about selling people some mugs; it's about making beautiful things that become a small part of our customer's lives. Rarely can we wait for our kilns to cool competely before we're opening them up for a peek; often we are racing each other down to the studio like kids on Christmas morning! We are, quite frankly, addicted to clay! And we love hearing that our customers have to use "our special mug" for coffee each morning, or that our teapot graces the table at every family gathering...We're happy to be living our dream of being full time artists, and are thrilled to share our art with you!
Hughes Pottery is the home of a variety of functional table ware including: coffee mugs, tea cups, beer tankards, plates, pitchers, teapots, wine goblets, bowls, pie plates, butter keepers, berry bowls, serving bowls, prep bowls, yarn bowls and more. All of their pottery is completely handmade, "from ball of clay to finished piece." Their work is thrown one piece at a time on the wheel and finished by hand. All decorative elements such as oak leaves and acorns, are hand painted, carved/molded from their originals. They've worked for years perfecting the forms of their creations, such as the goblets that are the perfect mixture of strong and lightweight. The form is lovely and the glazes stunning.
SALE Yarn bowl knitting crochet, spiral ceramic, glazed in black, handmade porcelain by hughes pottery
Yarn Bowl
Their pottery's functionality isn't limited to dinnerware either. For example, they also create Yarn Bowls (pictured right), "at the request of (their) many fans who are also fiber artists." The bowl keeps yarn corraled, protected from rolling away and kept tangle free.
Whether you're looking for a simple bowl or an elegant teapot, Hughes Pottery is certainly the shop to stop by. They also take custom orders and create gifts for weddings favors and registries!
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Bowl ceramic cereal, soup dessert, stoneware tableware, glazed in caramel blue, handmade by hughes pottery
Ceramic Bowl

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