Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feature of the Day #53: Shelly Porter Artworks

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Dragonfly Chatter
Today's feature goes to Shelly Porter Artworks and her vibrant and lively watercolors.
Porter received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at the University of Texas at Austin in 1983. However even before graduating she knew she didn't want to be an interior designer, but economic turmoil put a hold on her artistic dreams. It wasn't until 1992, when she was diagnosed with cancer that she changed her perspective from when she wanted wanted to be, to what she was going to be. 
Porter's work started off more traditional and evolved to contemporary and abstract as of 2007. She began to focus on, "shape, pattern & color and its symbolic, literal & psychological effects." Her work is so personal to her, she calls it "soul speak" because it "emanates from my subconscious and innate spiritual being, my soul." For her, "working in watercolor and seeing the infinite ways it reacts to and dries on the paper feels clean and pure to me and is a perfect way to let my own soul vibrate and to let it's own inner form take shape. All of these things give ma  voice to express the gratitude that I have for each day of my life as well as to express the spiritual connections that I sense and feel." 
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Open to Truth
Porter's abstract watercolors are a captivating swirl of color and motion. In her piece, Dragonfly Chatter (above right), the smooth blend of cool colors glide across the page. One can tell the fun and playful way Porter allows the water to interact and take control of her work. Instead of fighting the water, the colors are allowed to flow and blend together more freely. This gives the whole piece a sense of movement and unity. The colors join and separate, blend and stand alone. It's a wonderful example of how, even without recognizable shapes, an abstract painting can still carry emotion and the sense that there's a story just waiting to be told.
Porter has a connection the circle and its various symbolic and spiritual meanings. This is what she has to say about it:
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Tastes of Raspberry and Chocolate
While my work is not strictly limited to abstraction, I find it interesting to explore the circular form in a non-objective format because to me, the circle has so many varied meanings of a symbolic and spiritual nature. At one end of the spectrum the circle can represent spirituality, eternity and wholeness, while the opposite extreme can be interpreted to mean emptiness, isolation, containment and closed-mindedness. My current work represents the reconciliation of thoughts, feelings and events in my life on a more subliminal and cellular level.
Between color and the sublime level of free-flowing forms and shapes, Porter's paintings are hard to ignore. Make sure to stop by her Etsy store to see many more examples of her eye-catching and swooning colors.
What does abstract art mean to you? Do you see images in the shapes, or do you just enjoy the colors? What is your favorite abstract work? Answer in the comments below!

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