Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feature of the Day #46: Boitifole

Recipe of Poires Belle Hélène (Beautiful Helena Pears) - Pdf Tutorial - Free shipping - Valentine's gift
Beautiful Helena Pears
Today's feature goes to Boitifole and her jewelry, secret books, and recipes.
Hailing from Normandy France, Boitifole is a lover of nature, the wind in the trees, birds, insects and flowers. Because of this love of life, she donates portions of all of her sales to various charities that help animals such as "The Injured Cats" and "The League of Birds Protection". The Injured Cats is, "a shelter that is specialized in the rescue of cats with injuries and wounds such as amputations, burns, stonings, etc.) The League of Birds Protection has been working since 1912 to help, rescue and preserve birds and their areas of life. (Links to their respective sites will be placed at the bottom of this article.)
The first medium I'll cover are Boitifole's recipes. This is the first time I've covered food in our weekday features and it was chosen because we at Squirrel Creek Creations believe in art in all its forms. A well crafted recipe with blends of seasons, layers of flavor, and carefully perfected is as much of an artistic expression as a painting. Each artist has their own canvas upon which they create; from painters to architects, engineers to dancers and everything in between. In Boitifole's recipe, Gluten Free French Eclairs (left), Boitifole shares a new take on a classic recipe by making it accessible to those with gluten allergies. A chocolate eclair is a traditional pastry composed with cream inside, pastry shell outside, and a fondant on the top. As Boitfole describes:
Gluten free Recipe of French chocolate eclairs - Pdf Tutorial - Kit DIY - Free shipping - Gift Valentine
Gluten Free French Eclair
This is not a recipe from a Great Chief with lots of implement, expensive ingredients and difficult recipie is from my family heritage and cooked at home with simple, every day materials. You can cook it for celebrations, friends, or like in France...just for pleasure!
The photography involved with the capturing of Boitifole's recipes was what first drew me in. The textures are captured beautifully, and point of focus is utilized to create an interesting image. If I didn't know Boitifole was selling recipes, I would have assumed she was selling photographs.
Baroque Renaissance Victorian blue crystal dangle copper earrings gift
Renaissance Earrings
Boitifole is also a creator of fine jewelry. For her piece, Renaissance Earrings (right), she used, "two pendants, with two fish hooks, all in oxidized copper plated brass, lovely detailed setting two jewelry faceted stones which have iris blue color, a very rich and deep color jet with flashes of blue, purple and ruby." Her inspiration came from the French Baroque era, in the time with King Louis XIV offered some jewels of the same style to the most beautiful women of the Court in the gardens of Versailles. The earrings are simple but glamorous, with just enough color to really make them shine. The deep blue blends perfectly into the pendants making them appears as they were always meant to be together. The facets on the jewels face catch just enough light to make them 'pop' without becoming gaudy. Perhaps not for everyday wear, but certainly perfect for anytime you want to add a little class and glamour to your outfit. Boitifole wants her jewels to be a reflection of what nature means to her: morning sunshine, the first flower of spring, sea breath, or a bird upon a tree. It's her desire to try to capture this essence and share it with you.
Bowen Dragon's brown leather hollow book - secret safe box  - Tolkien Steampunk Renaissance Gift for Him
Dragon Leather Hollow Book
The third medium I'll be covering is also covers the explanation of the artist's name. According to Boitifole, "Boitifole is the result of a word game, combining "Boites = boxes" and "Batifoler = to frolic". To her, boxes are not only practical, but a carrier of love and memories. For example, the more a box is used time and time again as a gift carrier, the more special it becomes every time its pulled out. Boitifole combines this charming nature of boxes with the classic form of a hard cover book to create her secret books.
Her creations are made from recycled paperboard, acid free adhesive, and rescued paper goods. Here's what she say about what the books mean to her:
In the past, knife sharpening and poison making were done in private, and my secret books are mementoes of these acts. I love creating my secret books from these inspirations, and also for a customer's special request, to house great and small secrets and priceless treasures. 
Her book, Dragon Leather Hollow Book (above left) was crafted with real dragon's leather paper. Its interior and sides laid with cream parchment made with similiar techniques as those used in the 18th century. The latch is held from top to bottom with a honey satin ribbon. The brass pieces around the edges of the book are reminiscent of a time when a hard covered book was a rare item so was embelleshed and treated with great regard. Not whipped off a printing press one after another, but hand crafted with care and detail. 
To see many more examples of Boitifole's work, visit her store on Etsy here:
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The Injured Cats Website:
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  1. Terrific article!! I love her shop. You couldn't have chosen a nicer person to feature today. :-)

    1. So it would seem. =) Plus as the powers that be would have it, I happened to write in on her birthday as well! I had no idea! Thanks for stopping by Mad, and if you have any recommendations for people to feature, I'm always listening.

  2. FABULOUS article. I am a HUGE fan of Boitifole. I have collected many of her recipes. They are all wonderful. This is a really lovely shop, run by an incredibly talented artist with a warm, giving nature. Thank you for highlighting this shop. I hope it brings her many new fans.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the article. Her recipes look so delicious they made me ridiculously hungry while writing about it, lol.

  3. I am so pleased to learn more about Phi's shop and her inspirations. Wonderrful job!

  4. I love Boitifole!!! I agree with Mad, you couldn't have picked a nicer person. Congratulations, ma chere