Friday, May 4, 2012

Feature of the Day #47: Lighthearted Dreamer

Neutral decor, mothers day gift, Nursery decor, bird watercolor, 8x10 art print -  I Love You Twice as Much 2, Sweet Puffs
I Love You Twice as Much 2
First a special announcement: in honor of Mother's Day on the 13th of May, the articles from now until Friday the 11th will feature unique gift ideas for moms.
Today's feature goes to Debbie Prestom and her delightful paintings.
Prestom is a self-taught artist who has always had a, "great appreciation for color and nature." She discovered her passion for painting about 15 years ago and has been hooked ever since. In her paintings, she aims to reflect her deep appreciation and expression of the beauty we live with. All of her work is created with love and quality. Each image carries beautiful colors, uplifting moments, and the feeling of daydreams brought to life. Some of her paintings are based off her photography which is stunning in its own right. However, this feature will focus on her lovely paintings and the gentle emotions they hold.
squirrel art, woodland nursery art, baby art, watercolor art, neutral colors - Chipper Sweet Fluff 8x10
Chipper, Sweet Fluff
One of the first things that drew me to Prestom's work, is the minimalistic way she utilizes watercolors. For example, in I love you Twice as Much 2 (above right), instead of flooding her canvas corner to corner with color, Prestom lets her subjects be the focal point that carry the image. The adorable animals she paints are made up of shapes and blending colors. Her paint is so soft that it looks like it's still wet on the paper. There's the feeling of movement capture in the arrival of the bird bearing its gift, while the bird on the right grounds the image. The colors are almost non existent except for the hint of a red/orange in the birds that's mimicked in the heart presents they carry. It's a simple image, but cute, soft, and a treat for the eyes.
Blue Yellow Home Decor, Watercolor Flowers, Floral art print  - With the Wind - 8x10
With the Wind
Almost all of Prestom's images have the same soft and quiet feel. There is almost the feeling of a lullabye being sung, or a warm embrace; encouraging words from a dear friends, or a moment of serenity. Kindness and sweetness cover her images from squirrels to birds, flowers to fruit. Even the way Prestom calls her birds "Puffs", and creatures with fur "Fluffs" lends to an overwhelming sense of tranquility and peace.
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bird art, yellow childrens decor, art for kids room, Watercolor print, whimsical bird - Puff of Song 8x10 print
Puff of Song

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  1. Lynn, what a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Thank you so much for the lovely feature and your kind words! I look forward to viewing your past features! Debbie