Monday, May 21, 2012

Feature of the Day #56: Over the Rainbow

Tulip photograph, fine art, spring macro photo, delicate, dew drops, red and yellow, nature, 8x6, Giclée - titled: Spring dew
Spring Dew
Today's feature goes to Over the Rainbow fine art photography, aka, Katerina and her lovely photographs.
Katerina's photography is inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, landscapes and her travels. She has had the love of photography every since she can remember. About 5 years ago she purchased her first DSLR and took a course on how to properly use all the manual settings. Along with photography, her passions also include flamenco, work with textiles, screen printing, reading, music and chocolate. 
This is how Katerina describes her creative process:
Candles, in the dark, fine art photo, still life, black, yellow, red, giclee print, 12x9  - titled: Candles
Usually when I plan on going for a walk and taking my camera with me with the intention to make some photos, I come home without any. But on other days I bring lots of photos. But the repeating pattern is, that I have to go photographing alone. When I go with someone else, I always have a feeling that they have to wait for me while I am playing with my camera. (For full interview, go here:
Katerina covers a wide variety of subjects in her photographs; from sweeping landscapes to fine details. She also has a beautiful talent for capturing light in darkness such as in her picture, Candles (shown left). The dramatic contrast between the small flames and the vast darkness is intense. To make it even more eye-catching mirrors were employed to enhance the space.
The photo was, "taken during Earth Hour, when it is recommended to switch off all lights and electricity for one hour and try to live like the old days. The reason is to point out the necessity of sustainable living, saving natural resources and our planet Earth." Knowing this, the image takes on deeper meaning as it stands as a reminder of humanity's tenuous relationship with fire; it is necessary and deadly, providing heat, light and comfort in the depth of night.
Woodland photograph, sunbeams, sunrays in the forest, whimsical, dreamy wood, 12x8, Giclee print - titled: Magic Forest
Magic Forest
Seeing these five small candles sitting together shows how overwhelmingly bright the modern night is in comparison. With the flick of a switch our rooms are as flooded with light, as brilliant if not brighter than day. Yet during a power outage that privilege is taken from us and the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness sets in. If it's during the day, the streets suddenly become flooded with those who were content with being indoors only a moment earlier. At night, families make frantic searches for flashlights and candles, anything that can fight against the night as our ancestors did; we wait in the dark for the familiar hum of electricity: the signal that everything is as it should be once more. The simplicity of 5 gently glowing candles, and the weight of all they symbolize captured beautifully for everyone to share.

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Still life photo, origami, paper boat, sparkling, love, original engagement gift, bokeh, 7x7 - titled: Will You Marry Me
Will You Marry Me?


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