Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feature of the Day #10: Mad Scientists Designs

Dragonfly Wire Sculpture Creature  Vintage Vacuum Tube 001 OOAK
Dragonfly Wire Sculpture
Let's all give an evil laugh for today's feature of the day: Mad Scientists Designs; artist, crafter, and purveyor of vintage circuit boards, and steampunk materials.
Mad Scientist has a wonderful selection of various old-fashioned circuitry from a variety of antiques such as televisions. Some of these pieces can be found in their sculpture creations (pictured right) and some have been transformed into jewelry such as earrings. A few of the items Mad Scientist uses in their work are gold brass wire, silver brass wire, vintage vacuum tubes, brass chains, copper chains.
ACEO In Needwood Forest Altered Art 002
ACEO In Needwood Forest
Mad Scientist also creates illustrations called ACEO which stands for Art Cards, Editions, and Originals. The illustrations begin life as a Public Domain illustration in black and white. They then re-size and carefully hand-color each one using colored pencils. The images are slightly smaller than 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. The way Mad Scientist colors them is reminiscent of the original color movies that were hand-painted frame-by-frame. The colors are sparse but the detail is vast. They seem to have the same feel that vintage and steam-punk carries. A faint memory of a time we've almost forgotten but one we find enjoyable and charming.
Circuit Board 005 Geekery Steampunk Altered Art
Circuit Board 005
In Mad Scientist's store, you can also find entire old circuit boards if you want to pry one apart and use the pieces for your own steampunk experiments.
They're so otherworldly and antique that it's hard to believe that they're only from last century. They stand as a testament to the progress in 60 or so years and countless astounding technological leaps; from giant circuit boards (pictured left) to microchips so small and powerful they can contain a literal library of information. It's all quite amazing if we just take a moment to think about it.
Stop by Mad Scientist's Etsy store and check out the plethora of fun and unique items on display today!

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