Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feature of the Day #7: StudioTuesday

Custom Pet Portrait 8x10 Drawing
Pet Portraits

Today's feature of the day is Studio Tuesday, AKA David Scheirer. David Scheirer is a painter from the Washington D.C. area where his time with nature inspires his work. David has a variety of styles that are unique and beautiful. His realistic paintings (shown left) have a gentle hand and precise brushwork. He has wonderful mastery of watercolors that allow each piece to come to life in its own way. Using high-detail in some areas such as the face, while blurring out the body demonstrates  knowledge of the patterns the eye follows and a great grasp of focus-points. 
David also paints more simple illustrations such as sealife and owls. Even though they're more simple in concept, they're still just as pleasing to look at. There's a sense of fun in each image, and you can tell there was joy in their creation. One can practically hear the story in each image unfold as the gentle colors swoon the eye yet keep it engaged with the brilliant sporadic use of contrasting colors. 

David has three separate Etsy accounts for his different painting styles. The first, Studio Tuesday, features the widest variety of illustration styles. There, you can request a commission of a painting of your pet. Studio Tuesday also hosts a variety of sea life, African life, and realistic animal life as well.
The second, 100 Owls, is smaller, but features adorable paintings of various species of owls. 
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Barn Owl, Birch Trees, Flying Owl, Owl in Pine
The third is DSLandscapes, which features primarily landscapes, but also includes photographs of seashells, bridges, harbors to name a few. The same beautiful techniques that David uses to bring animals to life are demonstrated in the way he captures the simple life of a lighthouse upon the beach. 

Check out Studio Tuesday on Etsy today!
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  1. Thanks much for the feature! Nice blog - i'll definitely be back.

  2. You're welcome! Your paintings are so charming they're hard to resist.
    Many creative blessings to you!