Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feature of the Day #11: Rag Bag by Storm

Romantic, Unique, large necklace-one of a kind Floral metal work
Floral Metal Work Necklace
Today's feature of the day goes to Rag Bag, AKA Storm. Storm's specialty is beautifully crafted necklaces and bracelets. With a mixture of metals and delicate petals, each piece has a wonderful mixture of delicacy and ruggedness. Though this dual nature works perfectly together to form whole pieces with complexity and life.
The gentle craftsmanship and pastel colors are reminiscent of the Rococo period. Paintings, sculpture, and decor from that era are so lovely and detailed they're almost like something from a fairy-tale and that's exactly what Storm captures in her work. Some of her pieces even incorporate stories such as Ophelia's Garland from Hamlet (shown below), and Alice and the Rabbit (here). Folding flower petals with shimmering beads and antique brass chains all capture a vintage feel that's truly unique.
Fairy Tale Necklace-Ophelia's Garland: Romantic Floral Necklace
Ophelia's Garland
Even though it may just be the camera work, the pieces seem to give off an ethereal glow that really catches the eye. It almost seems as though they're breathing light.
Storm says about her work, "I'm happy working with 'functional art'. I work with vintage pieces, discarded and recycled bits. I like to include a darkly romantic, fairy tale element."
Some of her pieces are simple, and some are rather complex, but they're all one-of-a-kind and would look amazing with a vintage dress or as a accent piece that would make any outfit stand-out. Stop by Rag Bag's store on Etsy today!
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