Monday, March 26, 2012

Feature of the Day #19: Latent Echo

Acrobatic inchworm balancing a single ivory bead of pollen gathered from the luminal well of an amethyst morning glory.
Acrobatic Inchworm
Today's feature of the day goes to Latent Echo, AKA, Jeff Derose and his eye-popping and truly stunning macro photography. 
Derose  received his formal education at the University of Maine where he studied Art History and Photography. He also received informal education in the field of biomedical engineering. During this period, he spent most of his days peering through a microscope. He found that when he picked up his camera again, "and reviewed the captured images, the work had become informed by (his) accumulated life experiences.
Derose's images are naturally illuminated and captured with his Canon 5d Mark 2. The primary modifications he makes to his images are to exposure, contrast and tone. Though he does use software to interpret the digital image, "the techniques applied are almost identical to those (he) once used in the dark room"
Umber colored bee blowing bubbles. Balanced on the tangerine cup of a butterfly weed.
Umber Colored Bee Blowing Bubbles
There are three major categories currently in his store, insects (and arachnids), flowers, and dew drops. The level of intimacy Derose obtains with his images is second to none. The viewer feels as though they are part of a miniature world, even if just for a minute. One can see the charm of the arching back of an inchworm(see above), or the curiosities that drives a bee to blow bubbles. (see right) Derose says of his Umber Colored Bee Blowing Bubbles, "I observed this black Sweat Bee perched on a butterfly weed for what seemed like hours. It just sat there blowing bubbles! Actually, it was regurgitating nectar stored in its abdomen, which flexed as it sucked the bubble in and out of its mouth. If you look at the (closeup) you can see tiny grains of pollen floating inside the sphere of nectar." 
In this description one can see both the whimsical and the scientific. True, the bee may just be trying to digest its latest meal, but its impossible to not imagine the bee is blowing bubbles for the simple joy of it. This image is a fine example of what macro photography truly entails: capturing a moment that even with the naked eye may go unnoticed. These minuscule wonders occur a thousand times a day, and more often than not, pass by unseen. Derose takes these moments and brings them to light in new and marvelous ways; showing the viewer the light within a flower, the beads of morning dew upon a spider web, or the ferocious nature of a spider clutching its prey tight. 
To see these images full-size, and many others as well, check out Latent Echoes on Etsy today! 
Amethyst infused velvet petals of a morning glory unfurling at first light. Radiant. Glowing.
Amethyst Infused Velvet Petals of a Morning Glory
WARNING: If you're arachnophobic, Derose's shop may not be the best place for you. While Derose captures spiders beautifully, they're not beautiful to everyone. 
You can view his figurative sculpture, installations, video and collaborative work on his website here: 
You can also check out short film's he and his brother have made for Museum's, Artists and Musicians here:
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Radiant dew droplets hanging on the web of a spider. Suspended between the crimson spikes of an echinacea blossom.
Spider Web Dew Drops

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