Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feature of the Day #6: Wildnis Photography

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Le Grand Corbeau et La Pluie (The Raven and the Rain)

Today's feature of the day is Wildnis art on Etsy, aka Francesco Formisano and Philippe Busser. Working primarily in the art of nature photography, these two artists are masterful at capturing moments in time. It's difficult to capture the essence of wildlife in a photograph, but they do so beautifully.
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Into The Light

Wildnis means without force, with nature and without intervention. A perfect word to describe their gentle and powerful images. Some are macro, capturing the essence of the animal. Others have a hint of the landscape to which they belong. Both are poingent and work wonders to capture the moment. Take Into the Light for example (pictured right). A simple alley cat reveals itself from the shadows. One can only guess at how long it had been there, watching the photographers, deciding if it should make itself known or continue to lie in solitude. The lack of focus allows the subconscious to fill in the details, making the image spooky and unforgettable. A simple alley cat perhaps, but captured in the right moment in time and it becomes something ethereal.  
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Sterne in the Sunset

Their philosophy is "keeping true to what the world has to offer." This means they want to show the beauty of the world, without alteration or manipulation of reality. Their mission is to "love what we do and spread this love of undisturbed art through our work."

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  1. The cat is definitely my favourite!! The shadow play on that piece is nuts!

  2. It's my favorite too. So simple but so powerful.