Friday, March 23, 2012

Feature of the Day #18: Reflections of Light

True North Strong and Free, 8x12 fine art print
True North Strong and Free
Today's feature of the day goes to the wonderful photography of Reflections of Light, AKA Sharilyn. Sharilyn describes herself as a "newly recognized artist." She loves to create, and has a special passion for anything that is unusual, unique, or one-of-a-kind rather than mass-produced. When not creating, Sharily enjoys "scouring secondhand and vintage shops, baking bread from scratch, shooting photos, and writing with an old quill and ink." Whenever she sees something she likes, Sharilyn enjoys the challenge of trying to make it herself first. 
Forget Venice 12"x18" Fine art Print
Forget Venice
It's far more common these days to see photographs that have been touched up, modified, and Photoshopped beyond all recognition. Sharilyn's images, however, have little or no editing done to them. She likes her images to, "reflect the beauty that I see and not be modified afterwards." It's a very refreshing mentality to see in the digital age, and it gives the images a certain sense of integrity. It's also a testament to her skills as a photographer to capture such crisp images and bold contrasts without the tools of a computer. 
Shariln's images all come with a little story of where/how the picture was taken and what it means to her. This connection between story and image transforms the photos from still images, into memories. The viewer is able to understand the thought process that might even go through their own mind if they were in the same place. For example, this is the description for True North Strong and Free (pictured above):
Just Call Me Goddess, 8x12" Fine Art Print
Just Call Me Goddess
Traveling far North into Yukon territory, I felt that I had finally found the 'true North strong and free' that we sing about. Huge expanses of land with nothing, NOTHING, around. People living here stay in tune with nature and battle against her harshness. Here against the clear blue sky lay an icon of the North: the Inukshuk. A point of reference where no natural landmarks exist.
There are over a hundred different images currently on display in her Etsy store; some in color, some in beautifully contrasted black and white. Make sure to check them out today, and be prepared to travel across the world through the stories, and memories entwined with her lovely images. 

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First Snow, 8"x12" Fine Art Print
First Snow

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