Friday, March 30, 2012

Feature of the Day #23: Griffinwyse

Art Doll Elf with kite - Brody
Art Doll Elf with Kite
Today's feature goes to Griffinwyse, AKA, Kimberly Yavuz and her mystical sculptures.
Yavuz has been creating as long as she can remember. Her passion for drawing, painting, and sculpture can all be seen in her creations today. She has used these different mediums in many ways including; fashion, bridal design, fashion illustration, make-up artist, bronze sculptor, and ceramist. She loves it all and it doesn't matter if she's, "sculpting a bridal gown or painting a face, the thing I love most about the work is how happy creating these things made others. For me nothing could be more rewarding that loving what you do, enjoying the process, and then getting to see people react and smile seeing your creation."
Yavuz's inspiration comes primarily from her daughters who keep her imagination alive and keep new stories and adventures just around the corner every day. Her elven creations fuse her love of books and stories, historical fashion, painting faces, and creating something from nothing. It's clear to see the joy she has in creating in every one of her creations, and the passion she has for making them. Yavuz primarily creates elves, but her shop has been gaining wizards, rabbits, leprechauns, and gnomes recently too.