Monday, March 12, 2012

Feature of the Day #9: Sudlow Jewelry

Peas and Carrots Charm Necklace
Peas and Carrots Charm Necklace
Today's feature of the day goes to Sudlow Jewelry, AKA, Rachael Sudlow on Etsy. 
When searching for jewelry on the internet or at craft fairs, it can be difficult to find a special and unique piece. To the untrained eye, one piece can blend into the next in a never-ending sea of crafters. For one to aim to be jeweler, they have to offer something unique and different to make their work stand out. Enter Rachael Sudlow, custom jeweler extraordinaire! 
Using the time-tested art of hand stamping, Sudlow personalizes her jewelry to give it that special touch. From states with hearts (see below) to adorable peas with name tags (pictured right). Personalization is the perhaps the best way to make an item go from just another piece to treasured heirloom.
Custom State Necklace
Custom State Necklace
From small trinkets that hang delicately from necklaces to silver wedding bands that carry a message, Star Wars cufflinks to beautiful pearl earrings, Sudlow offers a wide variety that's hard to beat. If you're environmentally conscious, Sudlow uses mostly recycled silver in order to have less impact on the mining world. 
If you head over to her website: , you will find not only a much wider selection of her jewelry, but her delightful "Cowscapes" as well. You'll just have to head over to the site to see what that means:
If you want a custom piece, or are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, look no further than Sudlow Jewelry today!

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