Friday, March 16, 2012

Feature of the Day #13: GB Design

Huge charcoal colored crow's wings by Geahk Burchill & gb Designs
Charcoal Colored Crows Wings
Today's feature of the day goes to the sometimes spooky, and always creative designs of GB Design, AKA Geahk Burchill. 
Burchill loves to dabble in every medium of art, and has discovered that puppetry is the ultimate way to combine all his interests into one art form. Writing, painting, sculpture, and woodworking (to name a few) are all used in the art of the puppet show. Using these talents, Burchill and his company put on one-of-a-kind, intimate and dark shows. Burchill considers himself a "puppet Evangelist, hoping to persuade other artists to dabble in the wonderful and seductive world of puppets." On the side he does freelance illustration, painting, and woodworking jobs. Unfortunately, his store doesn't include any of his puppets, but there are many other unique items on display.
Plague Doctor Mask (White) Steampunk, Costume, Doctour De Peste
Plague Doctor Mask
One of the most beautiful and intriguing items in Burchill's shop are his charcoal colored crow's wings. (Above) They're twelve feet from tip to tip, but only weigh 6 lbs. They've been crafted so well that the wind catches under them just like actual wings. In fact, there's a warning in his shop about wearing them on a windy day. "The wings are made from a durable theatrical semi-rigid polyethylene foam which is supported by a stainless spring-steel rod shaped along the leading edge of the wings in a truss work. The wings are then shaped and painted and made partially fire retardant." 
Most people you speak to will admit to having the desire to fly, and with these wings it almost looks as though one could. The wings are reminiscent of the story of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun with his wax wings and so he fell to Earth. They may be beautiful and captivating, but there's always the risk of falling if you fly too high.
SteamPunk Pistol, Ether-effsmlizer (Prop, Pistol, Costume, Gun)
Steampunk Pistol
Burchill also creates Victorian and Steampunk props such as his plague doctor mask (pictured above) and Steampunk pistol (pictured right). Steampunk seems to usually have a charmingly innocent feel when looking back at the era when steam engines ran supreme. However when looking at the plague mask, we're reminded that a few centuries before there was a horror that nearly decimated humanity. Because the doctors from that era believed that the plague was spread by smell, they wore masks with strong smelling herbs and spices stuffed into the beak to prevent themselves from getting ill. Too bad it did nothing to stop the fleas that actually carried the plague. 
Burchill's store may be small, but each item is stunning and beautiful and well worth checking out. Stop by and see for yourself today!
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