Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feature of the Day #22 PedersonPottery

Large Decorative Bowl
Large Decorative Bowl
Today's feature of the day goes to Pederson Pottery, AKA Ryan Pederson and his beautiful pottery.
Pederson has had a love affair with motion as far back as he can remember. When he was four, he spent $3 on a motor from a local surplus store and that little motor kept him busy for hours. He got his first chance to use a potter's wheel when he was in middle school and was instantly hooked. From middle school through high school, he would spend as much time as possible on the wheel practicing. The same flow Pederson feels on the wheel, he can sense in every day activities around him. He turns his car and can feel it. From pottery wheel to car wheels, it's all connected in a strange and beautiful way.
Artists who work in different mediums can also relate to this connectivity. Painters see potential paintings everywhere, feel the stroke of a brush when signing their name, marvel at how colors fit together. Musicians hear music in the falling of Autumn leaves, amidst ruckus, or in perfect silence. Of this wonderful phenomenon, Pederson says, "This is one aspect of life that brings me pleasure, and I hope that when you look at and hold my work in your hands, you will see and feel this celebration of flow that it was made with."
Japanese Style Tea Set for Two with Green Copper Glaze
Japanese Style Tea Set
Pederson's works have various ways of drawing the viewer in. From the shimmering glaze of his Large Decorative Bowl (pictured above), to the traditional Japanese Style Tea Set, to his collaborative work to create a mix of pottery and sculpture in his Bonsai Tree Jar (pictured below). The Japanese tea set is based on a style of teapot known as a Kyusu and is traditionally used for brewing green tea. The word Kyusu itself means "teapot", though most associate the word only with the distinctive side handle. Pederson created it on the potters wheel, and was finished in a copper and iron food-safe glaze. The set is then fired to a stoneware temperature of 2200f, guaranteeing this set to last for many years.
The curiosities that involve seeing a Bonsai tree sculpture growing from a jar is something that has to be seen to comprehend. (Pictured below) The mix of thrown pottery and sculpture mold together, making a better whole. This is what Pederson has to say about it, "The Bonsai tree growing out of the top of the jar has its roots growing across two rock formations on either side. The high gloss green contrasts the mat brown stain giving it a beautiful earthy look." There is a beautiful connection between the two separate and yet similar mediums. Intermingling and flowing through each other; as only a true artist can create.
Check out Pederson's Etsy store to find jar, tea sets, honey pots, mugs, and even urns along with many other wonderful creations.

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Bonsai Tree Jar
Bonsai Tree Jar

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