Monday, March 5, 2012

The Frog Blog

Summer of the Frog Photo Series on Etsy

Here's a blog from Momma Squirrel about her adventure in taking the photo series "Summer of the Frog".

After feeding the horses one summer morning, I walked by the Gladiolas my husband
had planted, and noticed how beautiful they were. I went back into the house and
grabbed my camera to get some pictures. As I set up for the first picture, I noticed
a “green leaf” in the middle of the flower. So I went to remove the “leaf”, and behold! it was
soft and squishy! Soft and squishy, just like a “tree frog”, which it was! Luckily it stayed put and I was able to get many good photos of it. What a blessing it was to find it a few days later on a different flower! A few days after that, when my daughter was over, we found it once again on teh third flower. We never saw it again after that last day, but thank GOD for the timing and allowing us to get these wonderful photographs!"

All three photos can be purchased together in one beautiful frame on Etsy.

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