Thursday, March 1, 2012

What We're Up To...of the day #2

Squirrel Creek Creation HQ, Setting up for a night of wreath making!

Gluten Free Pumpkin Bars!
Last night (Leap night) Lynn and Liz were hard at work making new wreaths for the Squirrel Creek Creations collection. We also devoted time during the day to making snowball cookies, and gluten free pumpkin bars. (Pictured on left.) Both turned out DELICIOUS. The pumpkin bars are super rich and moist, despite being gluten free. Probably the best gluten free anything I've ever had. =)~
After baking, we began wreath making. I worked on the Easter themed wreath, while Lynn worked on the "sproingy" Spring wreath. While working, we watched "The Snowman", listened to Enya, Johnny Cash, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, and some Asleep at the Wheel. 
Lynn's "Sproingy" Wreath
 Since we didn't really have time to celebrate the holidays in 2011, we declared Leap day our Christmas celebration day! Hence the Christmas music and The Snowman.
My Easter wreath wasn't overly difficult to make, but it was time consuming. The trickiest part was making sure the green bead garland was showing enough without being overpowering. We like to add little tidbits to our wreaths to make them interesting, but not overpowering.
Lynn's "sproingy" wreath took much longer to make because we had to pull apart all the flowers and place them in one at a time. After the basic layout was complete, it was time to take them all off, and put them in again, but tying them down this time. The first attempt was a bit lop-sided, so we shared a good laugh, then worked with it till it decided
Delicate procedure
to behave. The results speak for themselves. We'll definitely be making more "sproingy" wreaths in the future. More Easter ones as well.
Not sure when our next creative day will be, but I'm already looking forward to it!

Be creative today!
~Liz (photography, illustration, wreaths)

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