Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Sale and Exciting News!

Easter Wreath with Pastel eggs flowers and beaded garland
First sale!

It's a gorgeous day here in Northeast Wisconsin with the temperature reaching a wonderful 65 degrees. Yesterday was 75! Quite unusual for March in the midwest, but we'll take it.
Since Spring is in the air, we decided to hold a sale over in our Etsy store. It's from today 3/15/12 till 3/18/12. Receive 20% any purchase made when you checkout and enter the coupon code: CHIPMUNK. This is the perfect time to buy an Easter wreath, of which we currently have 3 in stock.
We would have 4 Easter wreaths but that's the exciting news: we sold our first wreath on Etsy on Tuesday! It was the first Easter wreath we ever made (pictured above right) and it's a bit sad to see it go. However, the excitement far exceeds any feelings of seller's remorse. This isn't the first wreath we've ever sold, since Momma Squirrel and I (Liz) have been to several art/craft fairs and have sold about a dozen wreaths there.
Preparing the Wreath
Yesterday, the fun task of shipping appeared for the first time. We had thought we guessed the approximate shipping costs right, but there was a lesson to be learned. First at FedEx, they didn't have the right sized box so they recommended another local establishment in downtown. We walked in, excited to perhaps get a deal, when we encountered the rudest salesman. He snapped his answers at our simple questions. Treated us like we were drooling neanderthals. Told us that we'd be wasting money to go anywhere else, and didn't care that we wanted our wreath to be shipped delicately. We bought a box and got the heck out of there.
I did some research and found that FedEx or the USPS could both ship the wreath in the same box for half of what that salesman wanted. It's fair to say we're never going back to that shop again.
All set!
We set about preparing the wreath for safe travels, beginning with wrapping it in a clear plastic bag. I added a hand-written note thanking the buyer and telling a bit about the wreath. Then two layers of bubble-wrap was placed on the bottom of the box. The wreath fit snugly but not dangerously so in the box. Then two more layer of bubble-wrap and finally some Easter themed gift wrapping.
The USPS was quick and efficient at getting our package priced, labeled and sent out. Insurance was cheap and the tracking number with order confirmation was handy. Technology is amazing!
Well, I'm off to find the next feature of the day on Etsy. If you'd like your own Easter wreath, check out the store. We'll mail it out ASAP, and remember, from now till Sunday everything is 20% with the coupon code: CHIPMUNK.
Be creative today!
~Squirrel Creek Creations
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