Friday, March 9, 2012

Feature of the Day #8: Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser Art on Etsy

SQUIRREL Watercolor Print by Dean Crouser

Today's feature of the day goes to Dean Crouser.
I (Liz) spend a fair amount of time each day scouring Etsy for those I want to Feature. Some may have noticed that the features tend to lean towards more traditional forms of art. Well that's a pretty easy mystery to solve: I'm a traditional artist and know how to talk about it. (Art college tuition finally good for something.) So while I do appreciate a beautiful handbag or a gorgeous sculpture, I can't quite do them justice with words. 
DECISIONS Flyfishing 12 x 18 Giclee Print
But with today's artist, Crouser, I don't feel like my words will be enough to explain how I feel about his work. It's fair to say that I let out an audible gasp when I first stumbled upon his works, and only choosing only a handful of works for this feature was nearly impossible. 
OTTER Watercolor Print from Painting by Dean Crouser
I've never seen another use watercolors the way Crouser does. It's hard to find a single solid form or line in any painting, but there's no doubt that every splotch of color is exactly where it needs to be. His colors reflect what the mind actually sees, not what the eye perceives. In such, he captures the hidden colors in every creature and landscape and makes them dance upon the page. Rich blues and reds, deep purples and brilliant yellows, all swimming together in organized chaos and brilliance. He doesn't just paint moments, he truly captures them.
HUMMINGBIRD Watercolor Print by Dean Crouser
Crouser is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast who was born and raised in the Portland area. Hiking, fishing and camping in the foothills of Mt Hood, Columbia River Gorge, and Central Oregon high lakes provided major inspiration to him, and still do to this day. When he was 10, he received his first "real" watercolors; the kind from a tube, not the hardened circles. He is 100% self-taught and got where he is today by lots of practicing, studying, and more practicing. Crouser describes his own style as "fast and loose with lots of color."
Stop by his Etsy store today and let your eyes relish in the brilliant colors and designs of Dean Crouser.

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