Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feature of the Day #20: Closencounters

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Today's feature of the day goes to Closencounters, AKA Andrea Lazar and her vibrant photography. 
Lazar's passion for photography came about in an unusual and wonderful way. One Spring day, she was taking pictures of the tulips in her garden. As she was preparing to capture the image of a pink tulip, gently swaying in the breeze, a ruby-throated hummingbird flew into view. She might not have been ready, but her camera sure was, shutter half-depressed and in perfect focus on the flower, and now, the hummingbird. Reflexes kicked in and the moment was captured forever. That was it. Lazar was hooked.
Lazar loves that photography, "allows me to see things with a unique perspective. In my otherwise hectic life, here I gladly take time to study the many subjects which always reveal themselves to be so much more complex than a fleeting glance would show." Her patience allows her to capture nature in sublime ways, holding a moment in time forever and then sharing it with the world. But in the end, it seems that the memories attached to her images are what is sweetest to her. As she says, "each time I look at the image, I can conjure up that moment-remember the time and the place, smile about the circumstances, admire the subject, appreciate its texture, marvel at its colors, drink in its fragrance, lose myself in its atmosphere, all over again."
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Luscious Lure
Lazar's subject is almost exclusively the natural world, and she feels honored when she succeeds in capturing a glimpse of the magic of its existence. She aims to entwine her creative vision as an artist with her photography, trying to show others the world as she sees it. Lazar attempts to capture the essence of a subject and tell a story from her perspective, to "frame it in the best way to bring out its beauty and uniqueness." And that, to her, is the art and joy of photography. 
Perhaps the first thing one notices when looking at Lazar's photography is the brilliant colors. Sometimes edited to achieve maximum potential, sometimes left as it was captured, but always a feast for the eyes. The most colorful of all may be her exotic bird photographs. They stand as a testament to the mind-boggling beauty that nature has created. Living paintings of prismatic elements. Divine.
Lazar says of her orchid photographs, (see left): The close you look at the orchid flower, the more its remarkable architecture and artistry comes into focus-perhaps even more so, when enhanced with unexpected color...
Truly Lazar is someone who not only looks at nature, but takes the time to really see it. Too few have this mindset anymore, and it's something that has to be cherished. Nature is full of wonders we can barely comprehend, and it's willing to let us take a peek at it, if we just take a moment and truly see.
You can find a large framed limited edition print of her hummingbird photograph, along with six other framed images in The Vault Gallery in Wooster, Ohio.
Check out the many vibrant wonders in her gallery today!
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